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Some of the important tasks of this deputy are as follows

Supervise the planning and implementation of educational activities of the departments

- Monitoring the presence and quality of faculty members in the hospital

- Planning to provide training assistance services to departments

- Forming and managing hospital educational committees

- Managing and supervising the use of educational spaces (conference hall, amphitheater and classrooms) and providing educational aids for conference halls, classrooms and other places as appropriate

- Monitoring the welfare of students in the hospital and following up on equipping the pavilions of assistants, interns and students

- Supervise the evaluation of students and announce their grades and announce the beginning of the course and the certificate of completion of courses and assistants to the medical school in necessary cases

- Design and implementation of empowerment programs for faculty members and assistants in educational fields

- Implementation of educational and research accreditation

- Support and facilitate clinical research in the hospital and provide the facilities needed for this research

- Implementation of empowerment programs for clinical faculty members in the field of research design and implementation

- Supervising the observance of ethical standards in research in the hospital

- Guide faculty members in preparing resumes and registering on the hospital and university website

- Follow up on equipping, planning and supervising the hospital libraries


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