Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex


  • Dr. Sadegh Niat

    Head of Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex



in the name of God

In the proud land of Islamic Iran, we have been given the great honor of serving.
Excellent in providing the best medical care in the region and relieving the suffering and suffering of our dear compatriots, it is a vital duty and responsibility we believe that it is the duty of government officials and servants to do what is right for dear people. Be it. To this end, our mission is “to provide the most effective diagnostic, therapeutic, educational and research services through the use of skilled and efficient staff throughout the country” and to rely on our values ​​”Human dignity, creativity and innovation, accountability of managers and staff. We are on the go and we do not stop for a moment, and we strive to achieve this dream and hope for the help of our compatriots in times of illness and critical moments. Let’s hurry.