In the year 2010, about 870000 patients reported to the hospital and approximately 31000 surgeries were conducted.The center comprises of Imam Khomeini hospital ,Vali-Asr hospital ,cancer institute ,radiology center, polyclinic and an emergency department.Apart from them,the complex also has a nuclear medicine center and some research centers.On the whole ,there are a total of 56 wards in Imam Khomeini hospital,15 in Vali-Asr hospital and 8 in the cancer institute,catering for the patients.

The center claims to have innaugrated for the first time , cardiology,pathology,hematology departments in the country.The center also claims to be the place where heart,lung,kidney,liver and bone marrow transplants are routinely conducted besides laproscopic surgeries.Atpresent renovations of the old buildings and new constructions are going on as part of an expansion and modernization strategy to cater for the huge influx of patients to the hospital.

The old buildings located in the north west corner of the hospital have been demolished to be replaced by a multi storied Mehdi clinic comprising of approximately 600 beds. The clinic is to be constructed under a charity program and would be equippted with the latest medical technology to render the best possible services to the patients.Plans are also underway to construct a 550 bed hospital adjacent to the present cancer institute.The two gaint projects once completed would tremendously enhance the capacity and capability of Imam Medical Centre to render health services at par with those availablein the modern medical centers around the world.

By the grace of God, we recognize our country`s pre eminence in the field of medicine and the two constructions would boost our innate capabilities to render services for both patients from within the country and those coming from adjoining and neighbouring countries.Every one would venerate.The new constructions once completedwould be a work ofrarebrilliance.

Imam Khomeini Medical Center being the oldest health center in the country would undoubtedly present itself still gorgeous with its new buildings and highly skilled and qualified personnel to attract physicians and surgeons to come for short course training program in the field of transplant surgeries,laproscopic surgeries ,endoscopic surgeries and interventional cardiology fields in whichthe center boasts of superb services and in which the center excels.Cuffed pharyngeal tube , the upper lip bite test and the upper lip catch test are some of the innovations that have received world wide acclaim since they were introduced for the first time from this center.

We most cordially invite our honorable directors from different wards to feed us with their achievements in the health services,research,publications and presentations so that we can project them through our website for the readers.