Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex


An Overview of Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex History:


The name of the Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex for any Iranian compatriot is synonymous with a place where the patient that are not accepted elsewhere in the country. The hospital is located in the center of Tehran with convenient access to Chamran Highway and Keshavarz Boulevard. Graduates of the center’s specialized, specialist, and specialist courses, which number up to several hundred each year, travel around the country, referring complex patients to medical professionals and complex scientists.

The four main centers of the complex contains :  Imam Khomeini hospital with more than 600 beds, Vali_E_Asr hospital with more than 350 beds and Cancer Institute with more than 200 beds and Equipped Imaging Center, located in this complex of hospitals.

Imam Khomeini is the main building and the first building to be established, along with several research centers including the Neuroscience Research Center, AIDS Research Center, Cancer Research Center, Spinal Cord Injury Research Center, Breastfeeding Research Center, Research Center Reproductive Health, Maternal, Fetal and Neonatal Research Center, Genital Cancer Research Center – Urine, the Invasive Radiology Research Center, the Medical Science and Technology Research Center, Organ Banks & Grafting Products are all in the collection.

In its next five-year plan, the complex is developing service infrastructure as part of two new equipped hospital’s buildings construction projects, one for the 540-beds Cancer Institute and the other to replace with 850 beds Imam and Vali_E_Asr hospitals.

In spite of the constraints created by these constructions, the complex of all managers, in collaboration with its sympathetic staff, has made the conditions of honest service focused on customer and patient satisfaction very carefully and with special measures that take advantage of existing spaces and create.

They strive to not only reduce the quality of services, but also emphasize the principles of clinical service governance and patient satisfaction and the establishment of national accreditation standards and patient safety principles that are gradually flowing throughout the entire staff body. Honorable, they have no side concerns and their only concern is to improve their pain and illness.


                                Here is the focus of all work and the purpose of all employees is one sentence:

                                 “Improving Patients and Their Satisfaction with Service Delivery”


We will try to rise up step by step  until Iran’s horizon scientifically and qualitatively  in 2025 and stay at the top.